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We teach a variety of classes through PumpkinPups Dog Training.

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Puppy Essentials

Virtual only - For puppies under 20 weeks of age at the start of class sessions.

This class helps to address common puppy challenges like nipping, jumping, and barking. As well as common training goals like house training, crate training, and socialization.

Manners One

Virtual & Hybrid Classes - Ages 20+ weeks. 6 one-hour sessions.

Your pup will learn new behaviors while also taking his or her Puppy Essentials skills to the next level with more duration and higher levels of distraction. Troubleshooting ideas for how to handle adolescent pups and more mature ones as well.

Manners Two

Virtual & Hybrid Classes - Prerequisite - Manners One and/or trainer recommendation.

Adding distractions to behaviors learned in Manners One, plus introduction to games & tricks training. The curriculum is shaped in part by student input so the trainers will take your training goals into account during class!

In our new hybrid format. classes 1 & 3 will be virtual and classes 2&4 will be in-person.

Nosework Foundations

Virtual only - Supplies will be recommended after registration.

This class aims to help give dogs mental exercise while lowering stress! Dogs will imprint on a novel odor and learn to hunt for it indoors. Scent-based games and tricks are included. This class is a prerequisite for the sport-oriented Nosework 101.

Nosework 101

Virtual only - Scent Kit and additional supplies will be recommended after registration.

This course is geared towards teams who want to extend their dog’s Nosework skills and who may be interested in competition. Dogs are imprinted on NACSW and AKC target odor and will explore increasingly complex indoor and container searches.

Canine Good Citizen

Virtual & Hybrid Classes - For this class, your dog should be on a harness and 6 foot lead with a flat tag collar.

This class is for students who are interested in investigating whether their dog might earn this title. Testing is available at the end of the course as a separate event and fee, if you and your trainer feel you are ready. The Canine Good Citizen title is a good beginning indication of whether a dog can be certified as a therapy animal to visit children, the elderly or any group that might benefit from their calm presence.

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